Khmel Victor | Sukhoveeva Elena

Artist`s statement.

It is traced few important themes for us in our teamwork. In the first it is a gender. A theme with which we worked initially as with the utopian project <<SOMATIP>> - creation of female language, through a print of subconscious gesture, as sense. Attempts are to designate a role of the woman and the man in the modern world. And social research that means "Power" - especially man's priority for the modern Russian woman (the Project <<the Lady-boss. The south of Russia>>). This theme for us is important, because we live in very patriarchal country, and it seems to us that research in this theme, can influence consciousness of people.

The second key theme is - land-art, installation art. Krasnodar - a place of our residence and work - is in certain isolation from capitals - the art and culture centers. Actually we do objects of art which exist very short time and we document them photographically. Here we act more likely as artists. Topics for objects - are a reflection that happens in cultural, social, political life of our country which is not in a simple situation.

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