Khmel Victor | Sukhoveeva Elena

Projects. The project Russian LITERRAture 2011

The artists: art group Hmeli-Suneli (Khmel Victor, Sukhoveeva Elena, Lucenko Sergey)

This project is a tribute to leaving culture of the press and to a taper of Russian  language space. At the heart of the project there are experiences with visual poetry and tipograma. Tipograma represents an extreme case of synthesis of word and image. In our case tipograma doesnt play with the sense of the word, as in experiences of specific poetry. It is an outermost point of representation of Russian drop cap, which have been gradually displaced from a geographical field. It is also a text, but this text doesn't consist of any specific meaning but consists of a set of the Russian alphabet presented in various typefaces. The text is as a leaving artefact. A certain mysterious hieroglyph is which has been remained in space of a landscape. It is not obeyed to the logic of a landscape, it sends rather to visual associations. The letter becomes a landscape part, directly working with its rhythm and the form. Russian font consists of written off wooden letters on a Soviet old typographical dump and views of Post-Soviet cities.

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