Khmel Victor | Sukhoveeva Elena


The creation of the project is extracted from one of Tatlin`s projects. It is a creation of a man-flight machine (under name Letatlin). Our project is a projection of this idea onto the modern world, the world of Russia, to be exact. The project is divided into two parts. A man and a woman, and an idea of flight (rise) are considered from the point of social structures inside of which there is a modern man and a woman. The woman living in the patriarchal world has the right only to her body. But the body is transitory and insignificant (second) and consequently is deprived of the right to rise. Therefore, in order to fly it is necessary for her to reject her body which she does by rolling it up with a painters tape, thus rolling up all the world around, depriving herself, as well as the world, of materiality. The idea of flight is solved for her.

The man in our world is a creature which is crushed and broken (there is no hero and if there is one, it is a criminal). He tries to fly, get off the ground, but all his attempts are absurd and tragic, just like his wings collected from the remains of umbrellas. He remains on the ground.


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